2017 List of Best Android Apps

2107 has been a year of some of the greatest news, mixed emotions and chaos. From Donald Trump becoming a president to the Great American Eclipse, 2017 has given us a lot of good and bad memories which people will be carrying forward in the upcoming years for sure.

But in addition to this, 2017 has been a great year for tech lovers as well. Apart from some of the biggest ransomware attacks, this year has also flooded with some of the best apps which have revolutionized the Android app platform. While some of the greatest launches failed to match the expectation level of users, others set a benchmark for app developers without any big screen promotion and advertisement.


So, in this blog post, we will be looking at some of the best Android apps of 2017 which you would love for sure.

1. Drop Recipes

It is a highly advanced and interactive recipe book app which can also work according to the appliances available in your kitchen. It contains very easy to follow recipe which allows even a novice to cook like a chef. After pairing this app with Drop Scale or ovens from GE or Bosch, it can do wonders in your kitchen.

Google Play Store rating- 4.5/5

Downloads- 1,000

2. Datality

Manage your mobile data efficiently with this fully functional app which allows users to monitor, save and control their data on the mobile. With more than 30% of data saving, data usage metrics, personalized recommendations and Wi-Fi finder, managing data will become a cakewalk for you. This app was launched in April 2017 by Google.

Google Play Store rating- 4/5

Downloads- 1 million

3. What the Forecast?

Do you need an Android app which shows the most accurate weather forecast? Then What the Forecast can be your best choice. With switchable profanity setting, highly accurate weather forecast from AerisWeather and options of U.S and International units, this app can become your favorite weather forecast app.

Google Play Store rating- 4.3/5

Downloads- 1 million

4. Blue Mail

Blue mail is one of the most popular Android apps for emails. With a simple design and easy to use functions, this mailing software offers you unlimited number of mail accounts from different providers. It can be considered as a perfect replacement for your stock mail app as it also allows Instant push mails from different providers at a single interface.

Google Play Store ratings- 4.6/5

Downloads- 1 million

5. ModelAN3DPro

It is an easy and simple app for creating 3d images. Create easy 3D scenes with your photos, share it with your contacts in 3D, save projects, share screenshots and do a lot more with this highly beneficial 3d image creation platform. All you need to do is to choose a photo from your mobile and then this app will transform into 3D objects.

Google Play Store Rating- 3.9/5

Downloads- 10 thousand

6. Unroll Me

It is an award-winning puzzle game which is highly entertaining and involving. All you have to do in this game is to take the white ball to the red goal by shifting the tile slots with the help of your fingers. You should also know that this game was awarded as the ‘Best Free Puzzle Game’ by Appy Awards 2014.

Google Play Store Rating- 3.6/5

Downloads- 10 million

7. Google Keep

A simple note-taking app, which can prove to be very useful for your daily activities. Note down whatever pop-ups to your mind and get the reminder whenever required. You can add photos, notes and lists to the software and can even add audio to it. In addition to this, you can also add time and location-based reminders as well.

Google Play Store Rating-4.4/5

Downloads- 100 million

8. Words with Friends 2

This is one of the most popular and interactive mobile word games available on Android. While the first version was itself a very big hit but this edition of the games has been introduced with new game modules, solo challenges, new themes and opponents doubled in number for a month.

Google Play Store Rating- 4.4/5

Downloads- 1 million

Whether you are gaming champion or just a tech freak, all these apps can prove to be very useful for you. So grab your mobile, browse through the Google App Store and choose from the above-mentioned, top apps of 2017.


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