Apple is developing its own LED screens

With the advancement of time and by analyzing Apple’s major steps, it is now very much clear that Apple is slowly reducing its third-party dependency, the first signs of which were noticed during the production of processors for its mobile devices. That’s why Apple’s new move of stopping its dependency on third parties for screens by developing own LED screens isn’t a surprise for most of the people.

According to a report published in Bloomberg, Apple is designing and producing its own device display, which will be a first for the tech giant.

According to resources, Apple is designing and producing its own device display through a secret manufacturing facility which is located near to its California HQ. First of all, they will be making a small number of screens for the purpose of testing. Although this move will help Apple to be less dependent on third parties it will also affect the Asian display suppliers

Talking about the MicroLED technology, you should know that this new technology has been grabbing the attention of tech firms from long. The advantages of using the MicroLED technology involves thin, bright, more durable and less power consuming display and it will be a great advantage for users. Although the OLED displays are being increasingly used by a variety of smartphones the MicroLED will give an advantage for sure.

The secret manufacturing plant is being led by the Lynn Youngs who is in charge of the iPhone and Apple watch screen technology. The Project of manufacturing own MicroLED screens has been codenamed T159 and the manufacturing plant is spread over 62,000 square fit. It is being said that almost 200 employees are working in the secret plant which is located in the unremarkable street Santa Clara, California and it is just a 15 min. drive from the Apple park campus in Cupertino.

This move will give Apple an advantage but it can turn out to be a bad news for its long-term suppliers like Samsung, LG, Japan Display and sharp. In addition to this, it will also affect companies like Synaptics which is a cheap-screen interference developer.

You should also know that Apple was on the verge of initiating the project in the last year as the MircoLED screens are more complicated to manufacture than the OLED screens. However, the particular team of Apple has made some improvements which has allowed Apple to start the project again. But it will take few years for Apple to introduce the product to the customers in the market. According to the sources of Bloomberg, it will take almost 3 to 5 years for the technology to be introduced in the iPhones.

Although the project looks very promising it will take a long time to bring into the market and with the advancement of time, there are chances of something new and better coming out in the market. The roadmap of Apple producing its own screen will not be an easy one.


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