Apple is all set to launch a new entry-level MacBook in 2018

It was being expected that Apple will reduce the prices of its MacBook Air in the second half of 2018 but now according to a new report published by Digitimes, Apple is all set to launch its entry-level MacBook Air in 2018. Although there is no any official confirmation from Apple but according to the sources of Digitimes, Apple is working on introducing its entry-level MacBook by the second half of this year.

The new entry-level MacBook will be 13.3 inch with a retina display. People are calling this new entry as the successor of the MacBook Air. According to the report, the new MacBook will be having the same resolution as the MacBook Pro at 2560X1600p. The company was looking to get these panels from China-based supplier but due to some issues, Apple has now settled down with LG for the required panels in April. Thus the new laptop can enter the market by the end of May of the beginning of the June.

According to the Digitimes analyst, the laptops will be assembled by Quanta Computers which have obtained almost 70 percent of the orders. The remaining order of the 30 percent will be done by Foxconn Electronics. In the reports, it has also been stated that Apple has a shipment goal of almost six million units for the new notebook by the end of this year but the actual sale volume might just reach two-thirds of that. The reason for this is the new notebook hasn’t yet reached a price point from where its demand can be stimulated.

With the current trend and mindset of Apple, it has become very difficult to understand what it is trying to do with its MacBook lineup. On one hand, Apple keeps saying that they are committed to their desktop customers and on the other side, it has left its most important MacBook Air lineup with a three-year-old hardware.

Currently, the cheapest MacBook Air is priced at $999 with a 13.3. inch screen and if the thing goes as per expectation, the new entry will be priced much lower than this.

In addition to this, Digitimes stated that Apple is also working on its 9.7 inch iPad Pro upgrade and soon, we might see a less expensive and refreshed version of the 2017 model. You can expect the new iPad to release by the end of second quarter in this year and the new iPad Pro can be launched in the second half of 2018.


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