Artificial Intelligence allows us to see living human cell

By using Artificial Intelligence, scientists have now made a tool which will allow people to see how a living human cell looks like and that can be done even with the images of the outside only.

The online available tool Alien Integrated cell allows one to see the 3D created view of the cells that can help researchers to know different types of diseases in a better way. This online tool is available for free and can be used to view the 3d cells by anyone.

The free tool focuses on the human stem cells or those cells who haven’t yet transformed into, say muscle cells or heart cells. As said by the scientist of Alien Technology, Greg Johnson, by understanding the inner working of a healthy cell, we will be able to better understand what goes wrong when these normal cells turn into abnormal cells like in the case of cancer disease. With the help of such detections, scientists will be able to find the changes in the early stage of diseases and cure it before it turns deadly.

In order to develop the accurate 3d image of the cells, first of all, the scientists genetically engineered cells in order to make their internal structure glow like in the case of mitochondria. After that, they clicked thousands of pictures of these cells, which were glowing and then feed them into the machine learning algorithm. The algorithms learned to predict the location and structure of any cell, not only which have already been seen or the ones which have various other structured levels.

The Alien integrated cell tool is present on the website of allenecell in which firstly there is an introduction about the 3D images of cells shown on the page like the images provide a realistic, 3D visualization of cells and the visualization show many molecular machines and structures inside the cell.

It has also been mentioned on the page that tool bundles two technologies for enhancing the understanding of how human induced pluripotent stem cells differ in both shape and organization.

After a short introduction about the images and the tool, there comes a viewer which allows you to see the different 3d images of the cell which can be easily customized according to your desired view by using the tools available in the left-hand side of the viewer.

After the viewer, there is a brief explanation of how the Alien Integrated Cell works.

This is one of the biggest achievements in the field of biology as until now we were only able to see the proteins that were deliberately labeled, but now with the help of the Alien Integrated Cell, we will be able to see a cell from different points, in an accurate 3d visualization model.


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